Figuring Out My "Why?"

Upon reading further about brand archetypes for the Townie branding project… I stumbled on this sentence under the EXPLORER category:

...Or an entrepreneur launching out to start a business because she wants to do things the way she believes it should be done.

Bingo. That was IT.

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Want to save this blog for later? Pin the image above!

For years I’ve wondered, why I started out on my own. Why did I leave a stable job with people I enjoyed working alongside to challenge myself to this unknown, shakey, exciting, life of freelance and business-building? Only today have I realized that I made that jump without looking back because I had this deep desire to re-frame how we as a Western culture hold our career in one hand and our life in the other. Think about it, we commute to work, do the grind, then return home to “get back to our lives.” Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we get co-workers that don’t drive us crazy. Sometimes, we don’t. Is this it? Is this what we have to look forward to until retirement?!

Back in college, I wrote this phrase on my mirror:

One day I want to look around and say that yes, I’m doing what I love, and yes, this is where I’m supposed to be.

It stayed there for years. I re-read it everyday.

Most days, I question if I’ll ever get to that place or if that place even exists. But after reading that Explorer archetype sentence, man, I can’t emphasize enough the wave of relief that washed over me that I’m not crazy, I just like to explore! In my design business, I love to supply brands with pinpointed branding and love simplifying the tasks designers use so as to speed up time-heavy projects in order to fully explore other parts of life.

I hate being tethered to anything (my computer, my desk, a schedule) but at the same time, I love order and a process. I guess I’ve written all this to say, it seems as if the FLEECHER/ brand is an ever-evolving brand that is, at its core, an EXPLORER. I want to constantly rethink processes and design to help you simplify your brand’s image to the world because I believe that our work is highly important but that we have other things to enjoy outside of our offices.

Does your brand have an archetype? Drop me a line!

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