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A new brand in just 4 weeks? Yep, that’s what we do.

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Streamlined Brand Design for Businesses Doing Good


Investing in an intelligible brand identity sets the foundation so that your brand is memorable, cohesive and set apart from your competition.


Business owners to invest one-month working with us to design the brand to represent his/her business.

We’ll begin with a 45-minute in-person meeting so I can get to know you, your vision and intention behind your new business, and you can get to know me. For me, it’s all about relationships, so let’s first determine if we’re a good fit to work together. 


It’s our job to know your industry inside and out. We believe that researching your industry is crucial to effective branding, therefore, before we ever start the brand design, we spend up to 10 hours getting to know your industry leaders, competitors, and defining your ideal customer. During this process, we ask that you’re available for questions as they might arise, as we believe you know more about your business than we do.


The first step to a better business is a strong name. Should you need help developing a name for your new business, we’ll set up an in-person creative meeting where we’ll develop a meaningful name.

Additionally, we’ll spend time brainstorming initial logo concepts, dreaming big and putting your ideas to paper. This meeting is crucial to the design process as it helps define the direction of the brand.


Here’s where we get to work! We’ll start with developing an inspiration board with images and colors that we feel fully encompass your new brand direction, complete with industry research and ideal client insight. 

Next, we will develop a few logo design directions, from which you’ll choose one. During a follow up phone call, you’ll present us with all feedback you have from the first design look and why you chose the design you did.

After receiving your feedback, we’ll return to the drawing board to refine your chosen logo concept for the second revision round. Instead of emailing you the second draft, we ask that you meet us in person for a 1-hour meeting to discuss any feedback for the final revision round.


We take your second round of feedback and spend time finalizing the brandmark and brand design. We’ll present the third draft of your logo to you via emailed PDF in color, allowing for any final thoughts before we export the logo files.

Once all feedback is received, we will move forward with creating your fully customized Brand Book, a digital book (up to 15 pages) explaining the design of your logo and logo usage guidelines to anyone who might come in contact with your brand. We know that a logo is only as strong as how it’s used beyond our computer, so here’s where we teach you how best to use your new branding so that it effectively communicates your mission, values, and intentions. Our biggest fear is that we give you something you don’t know how to use, so our goal in this final step is to leave you with all the tools you need to succeed at the end of our branding process.


Brand Design packages start at $2000. Please contact us for a detailed price estimate.


I’d love to talk through how we can help. Don’t worry, I don’t like pushy sales people either.