Brand Design: foneless


More time for awesome

Foneless is a lifestyle brand encouraging people to put down their phones and create openings for connection and time for being awesome.




 About the Brand Design


With every aspect of the new design, from company name to color to logotype design, we crafted the brand to feel straightforward, trustworthy, relatable, and meaningful.

You’ll notice the design of the logo is very minimal and not whimsical like one may assume a “Jester brand” should be... this was an intentional decision in order to create a timeless foundation for the future brand expression. Assuming this brand will grow and change with the times, we sought to create a mark that would not only communicate the brand’s mission, but also would not compete with brand elements, such as hand-drawn icons or colorful imagery.


The Logotype

Using a modified monotype font, we can bridge the analog vs. digital divide by communicating a very simple message: go phone-less sometimes. The open letterforms of “less” compliment the “less than” symbol in the brandmark, further communicating the simple message across audiences.


The Brandmark

A smartphone shape and a “less than” left- facing arrow join together to communicate the goal of the brand: spend less time on your phone. All corners of the icon have been rounded to soften the brand’s approach.

The arms of the arrow can also be animated
to signal clock hands, insinuating that the less time you spend glued to your phone, the more time you’ll have to do anything else!


Web + Social Presence

The Foneless web presence relays back to a simpler time with minimal words, nostalgic imagery, and playful layering elements.

The web design shows the positive side of the movement - to have the audience stop + pause to consider what they’re missing out by spending mindless time on devices. Most of all: less is more. And ultimately, the goal behind Foneless is wanting people spending LESS time on phones.




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