BRAND DESIGN: the foster care alliance

the foster care alliance was created in 2016.

As a foster mom herself, Chelsea had first-hand experience with the brokenness in the current foster care system and had to act.

fca 2.jpg
We exist to minimize the amount of children repetitively coming into the foster care system, by empowering their biological families to live healthy and sustainable lives.



The broken circle is made complete by the continuous, solid circle connecting the dashes, explaining how The Foster Care Alliance bridges the gaps in the current foster care system. We were careful to present the organization as a clean, trusted, professional brand.

fca 1.jpg

building the collateral

In an effort to keep the brand identity strong, we encouraged our friends to use bold layouts and soft, welcoming colors.

fca 4.jpg

...and explained in hyper-descriptive detail why we designed each stationery piece to set our client up for success after our branding process finished...

fca 5.jpg

office inspiration

With a new office merely an idea in the founder's mind, we presented an interior image sample that echoed the brand we helped create. Clean lines and branded colors in modern spaces provided the perfect interior direction.

fca 3.jpg

Each project is unique, and we like it that way!
Learn more about the foster care alliance branding in their fully customized Brand Book.

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