Brand Design: RAD


An architecture firm that believes in investing in people and community.

RAD offers what the traditional architecture industry does not: operating as a social enterprise firm, spurring each client and employee toward love and good deeds through collaboration and encouragement.



RAD_tiny house.jpg

 About the Brand Design

Michael came to us needing a brand that echoed the heart behind his business. He envisioned a minimal, yet descriptive mark to represent the firm... Something not flashy or intrusive, but something that might ping a mixed sense of nostalgia, trust, and action with each new and existing client.



Designing the Logo

Balanced, friendly, and established. While RAD is the expert in each project, they aim to position themselves as the avenue by which an idea comes to life, rather than elevate themselves as greater than the client.


The Icon

The icon design displays a shadow of the letters rather than just an outline or tracing of letters.


The Logotype

Clean, thin lines and carefully kerned letters help to establish trust and approachability in the architecture firm from the very first glance of the new branding.


Design Elements


The icon design uses at a shadow of the letters rather than just an outline or tracing of letters.


The circular design hints at the firm’s communal nature, inviting in each client and idea and building on those ideas.


While RAD is the expert in the project, they’d rather be the avenue for the idea to come to life rather than showcase themselves.

rad branding mockup.png

 Learn more about the RAD brand + branding process in their brand book.

Email me to request a brand book sample.