BRAND DESIGN: refuge coffee co.

A local coffee company with a mission.

Seeking to create refuge by providing neighborly hospitality and refugee job opportunities through coffee.

rcc_case study - image with photo credit.jpg
Yes, we’ll sell coffee, but we won’t be a regular coffee shop.



The soon-to-be local coffee shop needed a logo that represented more than just a good cup of coffee. 

The build of the icon helps illustrate the mission of the company: To provide employment and job-training opportunities to resettled refugees, to create a unique, welcoming gathering place in Clarkston, and to tell a more beautiful refugee story to Atlanta. A capital "R" is tilted at 45 degrees with a forward facing arrow signifying forward motion.

refuge 2.jpg

color palette

We wanted to give Refuge a rich, diverse color palette, so we went big.
Much bigger than our usual three-color palette.

refuge 3.jpg

custom pattern

Drawing from traditional African pattern inspiration, we used the new brandmark to create a memorable, inclusive pattern.
If you’ve visited the Refuge Garage in Clarkston, you may have noticed the pattern on the coffee trucks we designed.

refuge 5.jpg

The Refuge Coffee Co. brand is constantly growing and in need of strong printed media displaying their vision and purpose clearly. Over the last 2 years, the company has served weddings, countless events, and the growing movie industry in Atlanta. 

As an extended brand support client, we love helping Refuge build out their brand.

refuge 6.jpg

Learn more about Refuge's branding in their newly updated Brand Book.

Email me to request a brand book sample.