17Hats / workflow

I can’t say enough about this new platform. 17Hats is an all-inclusive client management platform that manages everything from website leads to final invoices. I knew I needed a workflow management system, and that’s exactly what I got and so. much. more. with 17Hats. Hypothetically, you get an inquiry from your website, have them set up a call, fill out a questionnaire, and review a contact without ever opening your email… who would say no to that? 17Hats helps streamline processes so well that you could use it to keep your systems strong and consistent even with a 10-person company! Use my link below to get 10% off a year subscription.

Quickbooks / accounting

Every business needs a bookkeeping software. Quickbooks is an inexpensive, well-known brand that I knew I could trust. This is one the first things a business owner should get (even before a website) and is worth every bit of the $12.95/month price tag. Quickbooks allows me to create and send invoices, log expenses, manage clients, and more using just the one platform. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being an accountant level, using this platform makes me feel like a Level 8 expert. Use my referral link to get up to 50% off and a $50 Visa® Card to help with your business needs when you sign up!

MileIQ / Mileage Tracker

Before the MileIQ App, I was using my Notes app to log odometer readings + the purpose of each and every “work” errand I ran and, frankly, wasting my time. That’s where MileIQ comes in. The app learns your frequent drives, allows you to easily mark each drive as a personal or business, and will send you a report at the end of each month or year, as requested. It’s about $60/year, but with all the time you are saving (and the fact that it is completely IRS compliant!), it is worth it. Calculating your mileage can be a big tax write-off at the end of the year, and MileIQ makes it so much easier to do so track. Use my link below to score 20% off!

Dropbox / Digital Storage

With a platform that’s constantly improving (with things like new Dropbox Paper and a comment section on all files), Dropbox is my personal digital storage solution. I have the app installed on my MacBook and can send links to anyone to view specific files. It’s intuitive, easily shareable, and with the ability to access it anywhere, I doubt I’ll find a better storage server anytime soon!

Squarespace / Website

From hosting to designing, this all-inclusive website design platform is your one-stop website shop. When in initially started creating a website, I knew I needed something good. Squarespace has a number of beautiful templates, it’s easy to use and having a library of tutorials isn’t too shabby! I had very little money to spend on a great website when I first started out, so their flexible spending plans are one of the main reasons I chose Squarespace as my website platform.

Did you know that they recently launched their new email campaigns? We use MailChimp for emails, so if Squarespace email campaigns can do the same (or more) than MailChimp then being able to consolidate our email and web design is a huge plus.


Disclaimer: Most of the links above are personal referral links, meaning you get a discount and I get a little incentive (discount or cash back) from the platform myself. It’s a win-win!