BRAND DESIGN: southside church

Southside Church is located in the South Metro Atlanta area and serves the local communities through its three campuses: Peachtree City, Newnan, and Henry County.

As a North Point Ministries Strategic Partner, Southside positions itself as a church that unchurched people love to attend, keeping services current, straight-forward, and non-traditional.

ss church drone-1.jpg
Our current brandmark does not help to echo our priorities nor does it allow for any self-explanation upon first glance. Although we have three campuses, we want to make sure the new branding helps our people feel a sense of unity and pride.


about the brand design

The goal of the project was to first dig deeper into who the church is within its community and the larger “church” culture, and to then visually communicate this through a new visual identity system.


Researching the Market

In order to help the church broaden its reach and impact, we sought to identify in further detail who the church is, what it stands for, and how it creates traction in an otherwise crowded market. Through strategic research, we discovered Southside specifically prioritizes: Pouring into OthersEnabling Freedom, and Providing Resources to its members, visitors, and community.

Designing the icon

The design of the new brandmark was created represent the church in the simplest of ways. The downward-pointing arrow signifies it’s geographic location south of Atlanta, while the 2 shapes within the circle come together to make an iconic heart. The circle surrounding the icon helps tie the brand to other North Point Ministries strategic partners. The openness of the arrow invites people in by creating visual “space” inside the icon.

south_case study - header icon.jpg

The font supporting the icon utilizes a bold, yet softened sans-serif font, allowing for a certain approachability to the brand.

south2_case study - header icon.jpg

building out the new brand

All printed collateral was designed to use the point of the arrow in the icon as a central axis to balance the designs. All printed design is simplified, allowing the branding to be front and center. All pieces echo the “rooted” nature of the brandmark, showing the stability, professionalism, and welcoming nature of the church.


Because Southside Church has their own design team, we wanted to make sure they could implement the branding well across a variety of platforms.
You might call it our Designer OCD, but we like to call it helpful.

Through descriptive examples explaining the printed collateral...


...and apparel...


...and website...


...and campus signage.


we loved working with the southside team to research their market and build new branding to reach that market well. Learn more about southside's new brand in their comprehensive Brand Book.

Email me to request a brand book sample.