In 2017, The Lantern Project became Tekton Career Training. 

Together, we developed a memorable brand identity to relaunch the organization.

Tekton empowers communities of the displaced and disadvantaged through career training and leadership development, with a special focus on the community of refugees in Clarkston, Georgia. We strive to bring light by sharing hope, to equip and empower by providing opportunity, to restore dignity by offering a hand up, and to create friendships and faith by connecting people to the refugee community.


the icon

The upward-pointing arrow illustrates the company's empowerment mentality for all trainees, while the three-dimensional nature of the shape allows for various interpretations of the mark itself. 


The Logotype

Each letter was carefully modified to create the strong, illustrative logotype.
Each T crossbar lengthened. The K crossbar lengthened to create a “connection” between E & K. The N shoulders are flattened.


building the brand

We chose memorable colors to help TEKTON stand out in the Clarkston community.
All printed collateral was designed to mimic the brand's story, in that each piece is strong, yet approachable, as well as structured and memorable.


Learn more about tekton's branding in their 19-page Brand Book.

Email me to request a brand book sample.