BRAND DESIGN: fletcher construction

premier custom homes in thomasville, georgia

Fletcher Construction has been in business for more than 25 years in Thomasville and the surrounding areas. This company has built an extensive clientele through the impeccable customer service and homes built to stand the test of time. The only thing missing was a strong brand presence to represent the successful business David built.

I need some signs to put in front of the homes I build.



Although he only came to us needing signs, we urged David to consider hiring us to do a full branding package to help take his business into their third decade. He agreed, and we set out to create a brand as friendly and trustworthy as the reputation he'd built as the most sought-after general contractor in South Georgia. I knew that each piece of the branding needed to feel approachable, straight-forward, and professional.

Without getting too literal, the final icon design shows different building blocks coming together to form a roofline, with a hidden "F" within the design.

fletch_case study - header icon.jpg

color + signs

As we drove the streets of Thomasville, we noticed that no other company was utilizing a friendly, teal blue to represent their business. Furthermore, we noticed the only signs that grabbed our attention were some solid-colored red signs used by a local real estate company. So what was the design solution for the Fletcher Construction signs? 

fletch_case study - 2 pics.jpg

Learn more about Fletcher Construction's branding in their Brand Book.

Email me to request a brand book sample.