BRAND DESIGN: kids boost

Founded to offer empowerment opportunities to kids who show an interest in giving back to the community.

Through Kids Boost, each kid is given $100 seed money to create a fundraising campaign for an approved non-profit organization.

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I believe all kids instinctively desire to be philanthropic.
— Kristen Witzel, Founder


about the brand design

The goal of the project was to equip Kids Boost with consistent, communicative branding to help broaden the reach of the organization. We wanted the new mark to be a memorable mark, helping to tell the story of Kids Boost and what they represent.

former logo

former logo

new logo

new logo



design Objectives


Develop a meaningful, trustworthy mark to represent Kids Boost that resonates with both adults and kids ages 8-14


Provide a streamlined color palette that helps Kids Boost stand out within their market.


Create a Visual Identity System that is both functional and effective, usable now and in the coming years.


the brandmark

The design of the new brand centers primarily around the “full circle” approach of the Kids Boost cycle. Donations to the organization serve as seed money for each “Kids Booster,” and each kid philanthropist multiplies that money in a give-back project.

KidsB_case study - header icon.jpg

Brandmark variations showcase the logotype and icon using different layouts without losing brand consistency.
It's important to have these variations to best showcase your branding on any platform or within any size restriction!

primary signature

primary signature







building out the new brand



The green signifies energy, renewal and youthfulness. Soft navy blue promotes professionalism within the brand and provides a sturdy foundation to the green. Aqua blue brings a light youthfulness to the brand.


All fonts used for the Kids Boost brand are modern, approachable fonts.


The brand should present itself as professional, but never stiff and boring. Kids Boost should entice kids ages 8-14, but should also communicate trust to parents.


From apparel...

KidsB_shirts.jpg social media...


...we wanted Kids Boost to be able to visualize their brand in action.

We can't wait to watch how Kids Boost grows over the next year!

I loved working with Kristen and Brook of the Kids Boost team.
Learn more about the brand process in their Brand Book.

Email me to request a brand book sample.