Brand Design: Townie

An empowering, community-based gym

Located in Thomasville, GA, this gym is dedicated to helping members grow stronger in body, mind and spirit by offering crossfire classes with top-tier coaches trained to tailor each and every workout to you as well as 1-on-1 coaching.

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Our design goals are to provide a foundation for business expansion and increase brand awareness through streamlined brand guidelines, a strong, communicative brandmark system, and vibrant, strong colors.


about the brand design

The inspiration for the Townie re-brand was to create a mark and new visual system that echoed the gym's environment– strong yet inviting, encouraging, motivating, approachable, and exciting.

south_case study - header icon.jpg

The font supporting the icon utilizes a bold, yet softened sans-serif font, allowing for a certain approachability to the brand.

south2_case study - header icon.jpg

building out the new brand

All printed collateral was designed to use the point of the arrow in the icon as a central axis to balance the designs. All printed design is simplified, allowing the branding to be front and center. All pieces echo the “rooted” nature of the brandmark, showing the stability, professionalism, and welcoming nature of the church.


Because Southside Church has their own design team, we wanted to make sure they could implement the branding well across a variety of platforms.
You might call it our Designer OCD, but we like to call it helpful.

Through descriptive examples explaining the printed collateral...


...and apparel...


...and website...


...and campus signage.